Household energy demand for heating
  This dataset is translated from Greek (EL) to English (EN). The original version is here.

Publication: 2015-08-16
Last revision: 2015-11-04

The map includes estimates of useful energy demand for indoor heating and domestic hot water (expressed in MJ) at the level of municipal districts.The raw data for these calculations are derived from housing and population census of 2001, as published by the Hellenic Statistical Authority. The statistical calculations are indicative as they depend on the adoption of a large number of parameters. More detailed applications are hosted on the pages of the National Energy Data System at 1st edition, December 2006 (raw data until 2001). Attribute fields of map: COD_91: Community Code 1991, U_E_OTA_91: Name of community 1991 (Greek), U_E_OTA_PK: Name of community 1991 (Greek), U_E_OTA_MK: Name of community before Kapodistrias (Greek), U_L_OTA_91: Name of community 1991 (Latin), U_L_OTA_PK: Name of community 1991 (Latin), U_L_OTA_MK: Name of community before Kapodistrias (Latin), H_NOIK: Energy demand for household heating (MJ), H_NOIK: Household energy demand for hot water (MJ). Contact info:

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